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The Marda Family In Virginia

These pages reflect the interests and beliefs of the Marda Family that lives in Virginia. I specify in Virginia because my parents and siblings can be found in other states. We are the only ones in the Eastern United States. La Familia
Anita, Sharleen, Robert, Willem, Adonis, Liem
Photo taken 13 Jan 2001
We have been in Virginia since October 1997. Robert arrived in September 1997. Once I learned my new job was secure I brought my family here.

Willem's voice

Willem at age 6
Liem behind Adonis
Liem (in back) at age 2
Adonis (in front) at age 3
Sharleen at age 9 months

Photos taken 13 Oct 2001

U.S. Flag Dominican Flag Holland Flag

Poems About Robert W. Marda I help the admins at the below forum
Parenting Forum

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